Break-out board with DSub15M/DSub9F connectors on one side and DSub9F connector on the other. Fits HDC and HBL family controllers
Roboteq MDC 2160 Brushed DC Motor ControllerRoboteq MDC 2160 Brushed DC Motor Controller
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Break-out board with 25-pin male and 9-pin female DSub connectors. Plugs directly in the front 25+9 pin connectors of Roboteq's HBLxxxx and HDCxxxx motor controllers families. Brings all of the controller's IO to pads for easy soldering of potentiometers, switches, relays or other accessories. A 9-pin female DSub connectors carries the controller's RS232 signals for direct connection to PC's standard COM port. Use not included 9-pin DSub to 9-pin DSub cable for PC to break-out board connection.

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